A Service Professional’s “newbie” Guide to Content Marketing

Understanding Content Marketing In Less Than 5 Minutes Theres been a lot of talk lately about the term Content Marketing but sometimes these industry buzzwords end up being quite meaningless to the people who need to understand them the most In this case fpamg.com anyone who is in business needs to understand what this term means. So at the risk of using industry jargon and not make any assumptions that all entrepreneurs and business owners know what this term means, plus why they shou..

5 Top Time Saving Social Media Management Tools

Sharing content regularly on social media is critical for staying top of mind. Yet many businesses struggle to find the time to do daily social media posts raingonc While sharing timely posts live is important, pre-scheduling social media posts using social media management tools helps you save time. Planning your posts also helps you to align your posts with upcoming promotions and topics on your marketing calendar. Last but not least, planning and scheduling your posts ahead of time ca.